Dr. Wijeyadasa Rajapakshe

Dr. Rajapakshe hails from a family in Walasmulla ( Mulkirigala Electorate ) Hambantota District. He commenced his career as a Banker and resigned after a period of 5 years to enter the legal profession. He holds a degree of Law from the University of Colombo. He has been practicing in the field of law since 1984 and has reached great heights within a short span of time. He was bestowed with the award of the Outstanding Young Person (TOYP) in the field of legal affairs in 1998. He was appointed as a Presidents Counsel in 2001 and his name has been etched in the annals of legal history as one who obtained prestigious recognition at a comparatively young age. He had been an examiner in the Faculty of Law, University of Colombo, as well.

While engaged in legal practice he has held a series of responsible public offices such as Chairman of the Rent Board of Review, Chairman of Sri Lanka Press Council, Vice President of the world Association of Press Council, Director National Film Corporation, Director Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation, Managing Director Associated Newspaper Ceylon (Lake House), Panel Chairman, to inquire into the allegations of misconduct against Attorneys-at-Law, Chairman of Disciplinary Committee, to inquire into the charges of doping, against Athletes.

In May 2004 he was appointed as a Member of Parliament to represent the ruling Party, Sri Lanka Freedom Party and was offered the Ministry of Constitutional Affairs which was refused by him. Later he continued as the only Member of Parliament on the government side, without holding any portfolio. After the Election of the present President His Excellency Mahinda Rajapaksa, he was sworn in as the Minister of State Banking Development in November 2005, but resigned in April 2006 on a matter of policy. He also resigned from the Organizer post of the Maharagama electorate. Then he was elected the Chairman of COPE in July 2006 and presented the first report in January 2007, which led to serious controversies both local and overseas. He was recognized as a crusader who fought against corruption in the public sector, regardless of stature and the might of the politicians and the officials involved in such corruption. His dedication to combat corruption and establish good governance was highly recognized by all patriotic segments in the country, and he was bestowed with the most prestigious award titled Sri Lankan of the year 2007 by LMD media services.


  • Apex Award 2013 (OPA)
  • Sri Lankan of the Year 2007 (LMD)
  • The Outstanding Young Persons Award (TOYP) 1988 (JCI)


  1. Minister of Banking Development 2005 to 2006
  2. An employee in the Bank of Ceylon, 1978 to 1983
  3. Examiner, Faculty of Law, University of Colombo, 1984 to 1991
  4. Chairman, Rent Board of Review from 1995 to 1999
  5. Chairman of the Sri Lanka Press Council from 1998 till end of 2001
  6. Vice President of the “World Association of Press Councils” 1999 to 2001.
  7. A Director of the “National Film Corporation” from 1998 till 2001.
  8. A Director of “National Film Development Fund” from 1998 to 2001.
  9. The Vice Chairman of the Colombo Law Society for the years 1990/1991.
  10. A Member of the Executive Committee of the Bar Association of Sri Lanka for the years 2003 and 2004.
  11. The Chairman of the Continuing Legal Education Committee of the Bar Association of Sri Lanka for the 2003/2004.
  12. A Member of the Board of Trustees of the Law Trust Foundation of the Bar Association of Sri Lanka.
  13. The Chairman of a panel of the Disciplinary Committee appointed by the Hon. Chief Justice to inquire into the complaints against professional misconducts of Attorneys-at- Law.
  14. The Legal Adviser to the Ministry of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources from 1997 till 2000.
  15. The Legal Consultant to the Water Supply and Drainage Board in 2000.
  16. The Panel Chairman of the Committee which inquired into the allegation of doping against the Sri Lankan Sprinter Susanthika Jayasinghe and appeared before the International Arbitration panel in Monte-Carlo, Monaco, France.
  17. The Managing Director of Associated Newspapers of Ceylon Ltd. (the largest print media institution in the country).
  18. The Chairman of the ANCL Employees Provident Fund.
  19. A Director of Sri Lanka Rupavahini Corporation.
  20. A Mediator/Conciliator of the Human Rights Commission.
  21. Led the delegations to the International Conferences of the “World Association of Press Councils” held in New Delhi, Brisbane, Istanbul, Cairo and Dhaka during the period of 1998 to 2001.
  22. Attended an International Workshop on Conflict Resolution held in Bangkok in August 2004 organized by U.N.D.P
  23. Attended an International Workshop on Conflict Resolution held in Hong Kong University in September 2004 organized by Berghop Foundation and U.N.D.P
  24. Attended an International Workshop on Conflict Resolution held in Colombo in October 2004 organized by Commonwealth Parliamentary Group
  25. Attended a study program on Earthquakes, Tsunami And Natural Disasters in U.S.A. and Honolulu in may 2005.
  26. Attended a study program on the Management of Public Funds in U.S.A. in 2005.
  27. Attended a study program on Management of Public Funds through Parliament in United Kingdom and Wales in 2006.
  28. Attended ten days workshop on the subject of financial scrutiny by the Parliament in Australia from 11th to 22nd February 2007 in La Trobe University organized by the World Bank.